Jennifer Bulger
ArcMap video tutorial
ArcMap video tutorial

This tutorial was created for an Online Information Design and Evaluation course. The purpose of the tutorial is to explain how to run basic SQL queries in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software ArcMap.

The tutorial consists of audio, video, and textual components. Creating this tutorial involved planning the procedural steps for the tutorial, writing a script for the audio portion explaining the steps being performed in the video, deciding which visual aspects to display to the viewer to make the tutorial more understandable, and recording and editing the audio and video files.

Created with Camtasia Studio

XHTML Dreamweaver manual
HTML/XHTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver manual

The manual was created as the final project for a Technical Document Design and Editing course. The manual is meant to be an introduction to HTML/XHTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver for anyone who may have limited, or no, experience with these tools.

Creating this manual involved deciding how to best introduce each tool to readers, writing the content, and using SnagIt to capture the graphics.

Created with Adobe InDesign

MS Word procedure
Microsoft Word table procedure

This procedure was written for a Designing Computer Documentation course. The assignment was to write a basic procedure for computer lab staff to create an equipment log using the Insert Table feature in MS Word.

Created with Microsoft Word